Penang is a Malaysia state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. It has two parts: Penang Island, where the capital city, George Town, is located, and Seberang Perai (formerly Province Wellesley) on the Malay Peninsular. Penang is bordered by Kedah to the north and the east and Perak to the south.


The Penang State Museum house artefacts and cultural exhibits. The present building, which was formerly the Penang Free School, is actually half a building, the other half of the building having been destroyed by aerial bombing during World War II. A bronze cast of Captain Francis Light, used to stand outside the museum building. It has since returned to Fort Cornwallis where it was first unveiled by the colonial administration. A small museum, it has a fine collection of old photographs, maps and historical records charting the growth of Penang from the days of Francis Light.


In 2012, as part of the George Town Festival of Arts and Culture, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic created a series of 6 wall paintings depicting local culture, inhabitants and lifestyles.They now stand as celebrated cultural landmarks of George Town, with Children on a Bicycle being one of the most photographed spots in the city centre.

The street art scene in Penang has blossomed considerably since then. Cultural centres such as the Hin Bus Depot in George Town are now curating exciting exhibitions and inviting international artists to visit and paint murals, building on the existing reputation the city has as a vibrant arts and culture centre. In addition, several wrought iron caricatures detailing the daily lives and history of George Town, have been set up within the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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One of the earliest modes of transportation in Penang was the horse hackney carriage, which was popular throughout the last quarter of the 18th century until 1935, when the rickshaw (jinriksha) gained popularity, until it, in turn, was rapidly superseded by the trishaw beginning in 1941. To this day, the trishaw is still in use in George Town, albeit mostly for sightseeing rides

Riding Penang trishaw is an experience on its own. What used to be a common public transportation has now become a tourist attraction. Finding your way around Penang can be bewildering to the uninitiated so it is good advice to take a trishaw ride to get your bearings.


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Penang cuisine is the cuisine of the multicultural society of Penang ,Malaysia. Most of these cuisine are sold at road-side stalls, known as “hawker food”. Penang has the reputation as being the “food paradise” in the region as it offers a diverse and exotic mix of Malay,Indian, Chinese and western cuisine, which reflects the multicultural mix of the city. It is popular among locals and tourists alike. Local Penangites typically find these hawker fares cheaper and easier to eat out at due to the ubiquitousness of the hawker stalls and that they are open for much of the day and night Penang Island.On February 22, 2013, Penang was ranked by CNN Travel as one of the top ten street food cities in Asia. Penang has also been voted by Lonely Planet as the top culinary destination in 2014.


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