A Malaysian designer’s caricatures of the scandal-plagued Prime Minister as a sinister clown have become a viral.Phenomenon, spurring a wider protest-through-images movement and making the artist a target of the authorities.

Fahmi Reza show the Prime Minister caricature that he made.

Other pictures of Najib with clown features have been posted on social media, namely at the hashtag “#kitasemuapenghasut” on ‘we are all seditious’,members of the art collective, Grupa has posted the image of the Prime Minister to express their solidarity with Fahmi Reza as well as to protest the police action.Fahmi has said that his work is not anti-Najib but against corruption in the country.He highted the fact that his work had satirized politicians from all sides.

Fahmi Reza proudly show his caricatured to the media.

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